Validation in JavaScript for Registration form | HTML example code

Registration form is used in many places, like customers for subscriptions, services, or other programs or plans. You can create a Registration form using HTML and Validate user input data of fields by using JavaScript.

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Most common example Gmail or other social media online registration.

It is is a list of fields that a user will input data into and submit to a company or individual.

Validation in JavaScript for Registration form Example

In the example we have 5 input fields:-

  • Name
  • Email id
  • Username
  • Passwords
  • Confirm password

These all fields are created with basic HTML code.

Now coming to form validation in JavaScript using a regular expression, We will create JavaScript functions (one for each input field) that check whether a value submitted by the user passes the validation.

It show alert message until the user supplies a valid value.


Validation in JavaScript for Registration form Example

Note: We are not using CSS for design, you can do it by yourself.

Do comment if you have any doubts and suggestion on this tutorial code.

Note: All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.
OS: Windows 10
Code: HTML 5 Version

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  1. namaste Rohit

    I will use your contact form validation on my web site.
    would you guide me or send a simple JavaScript code how to send those entries by user then to my email address in the most simple way (without uplets, special modules, browser ads on…)

    mera shubhkamneya aap ke sath hain
    Ram Chetan

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