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Android Tutorial – Android App development

All New Android Tutorial 

If you want a learn Android app development , then follow this tutorials step by step. This are latest Android tutorial with example in kotlin.

Android Basics

Basic tutorial for beginners , start one by one.

Android User Interface – Layouts

The body of UI, without it nothing will show in your app.

Android User Interface – Controls

Without Android widget (Controls) you can’t make an Android app.

Android Dialog

Give the option to user without moving to another part of application.

Android NetworkingHow to Connect Android App to Web server

For any e-commerce app or any application with have data to global access have to use web server. The following tutorial will help you to find out how to connect you app with web server with examples.

Android Fragments

Fragment is importante part of android app development, must read all android tutorial on fragments. it is also a very interesting top and common topic in interview.

Android Tutorial - Android App development

Android Old tutorials 

This are old tutorial of Android app development based on eclipse and some are Android studio.

Android Tutorial based on Android Studio IDE :

  1. Android first application in Android Studio IDE
  2. Multi-Language Supported Android Application

Android Tutorial based on Eclipse IDE :

  1. Setup Android application development environment with eclipse IDE
  2. First Android app
  3. Android Button example
  4. Android Intent example
  5. Passing data between Activity
  6. Android Radio Button example
  7. Android Checkbox example
  8. Android Time Picker example
  9. Android Date Picker example
  10. Android Linear Layout
  11. Android Relative layout
  12. Android Frame layout
  13. Android Table Layout
  14. Android ListView example
  15. Android GridView display images
  16. Autocomplete TextView suggestion
  17. How to change package android application
  18. Android Menus example
  19. Android custom listview with checkbox
  20. Android Custom Dialogbox
  21. Android WebView
  22. Android spinner dropdown lsitivew
  23. Android Data storage option Sharedpreferences
  24. How to make Custom Toast
  25. Android Gallery View example
  26. Custom Listivew with ImageView
  27. Read and Write file (Android storage option)
  28. Android Camera example
  29. Fragment tutorial