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What is C Language | How to learn c programming

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What is C Language? – C is a programming language introduced in 1972. It a designed and written by Dennis Ritchie. A C language reputation and popularity grew around the world without any advertising. It was the fortune of C to May programmer preferred it instead of another popular language at that time like an ALGOL, PL/I, and FORTRAN. It’s a short introduction to the “C programming language”.

What is C Language and How to learn c programming

C programming important features include:

Here are the some features are in C, it can be your interview question in internal or external marks.

C programming important features
  • Simple – A simple programming language with a limited keyword. A structural approach to help a problem into parts.
  • Portable – C is a machine-independent programming language, which means it can run on a different system like Windows, Mac, etc. Portability means can run on different system environments (Operating Systems).
  • Memory management – C Language Allocated a dynamic memory and any memory can release by using a free() function.
  • Speed – C is Faster than a BASIC and others because its execution time is less. And C programming has a lesser number of inbuilt functions and hence the lesser overhead.
  • Mid-level programming language – C has capabilities of an assembly language with features of a high-level language. That’s by its called a Mid-level Programming language.
  • Function Rich Libraries – C has a collection of function which makes development fast. You can also add your own library.
  • Easy to Extend – One more important feature of the C program its ability to extend itself. Easly adobe new functions.

Why learn the C language?

One of the most obvious question in very new learner is why learn the C Programming? When today so many Languages available like Java and Python? Here are several reasons to still learn C programming language nowadays.

  • There are many who believe without C/C++ no one can learn java directly. (I am not thinking it’s true but still, depend on person to person)
  • While learning an object-oriented based programming language (e.g Java) you have to also go through various concepts like – Class, Object, Inheritance, Polymorphic, etc. This is a little complicated when you enter a programming world. So, C Programming languages will give you a comfortable start in a programming career.
  • Even the latest Operating systems (Android, Mac, Unix, etc) are written in C because of their performance.
  • Many devices like a washing machine, microwave oven, etc, need to run fast and take less memory. The c programming language is still using to make such an application.
  • C language provides close interaction with a hardware device.

What is C programming?

When you do any software application development coding in C Language it’s called C Programming. It’s another and old one programming language same as Python, Java, Kotlin, etc.

Where C programming language used? Or what are some examples of it?

Here are some example of using a C Programming in the Real world objects. Some are purely written in C or some are the combination of other programming languages. Like Assembly language, C++, Object C, etc. Here are some use of C programming in modern days.

  • Operating systems – Windows, Apple – iOS, Unix, Linux etc.
  • Computer games –
  • Embedded Systems –  Interfacing programming, hardware programming and kernel (OS) programming
  • PC applications
  • Language Interpreters – Python interpreter reference is written in C programming.
  • Databases – MySql
  • Assemblers
  • Text Editors
  • Print Spoolers
  • Network Drivers
  • Utilities
  • Web Programming – Javascript and PHP

How to learn C programming?

The C programming language is reliable simple and easy to use in applications. Many new systems were based on it like Android OS, Windows, and even Macintosh. C language is not so hard to learn compared to other leading programming languages because many people suggest first learn C before any other programing language

Let’s see How to learn C language step by step:

  • Install the C IDE
  • Learn basic Syntax of C programming
  • Write First C Hello World Program and run

Just follow this step for start a programming in C. If you have any doubt and suggestion then do comment in below.


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