HTML 4 Drawbacks | Limitations of html 4

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HTML 4.01 is the most widely used version throughout the year 2000. Where it was introduced official standard in December 1999. Since HTML version 1 to 4, there is many improvements and eventually its happening. In this tutorial, we will discuss the HTML 4 drawbacks and limitation and that improved in The HTML 5 version.

HTML 4 Drawbacks | Limitations of html 4

HTML 4 Drawbacks/Limitations

  • Audio support- You can’t add Add audio to a web page with a single tag in HTML4.
  • Using javascript for animation, drawing and other feature was the toughest task.
  • Video Support- Unable to add Video with a single tag in the website.
  • External Plugins – Requires external plugins to run flash, media controls.
  • Very few input controls are available. E.g. form inputs.
  • 2-3D Supports- Does not support 2D and 3D animations.

This problem facing web development is matters to the developer. Audio and viodo support is very poor. Due to solve the direct play video, audio, etc X HTML was the next version but interchangeability problems, it took a backseat and HTML 5 would be the next standard for Web site development.

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