HTML button tag | link, onClick, style, color, size, Code example

HTML button is very important for any website, without it users can’t use functionalists of the website. With HTML Button Tag (Element) you can create a button. Another way is using the input tag to create a button.

HTML button tag | link, onClick, style, color, size, Code example


<button name=”name”>

HTML button tag Example:-

Creating button in HTML very easy, just use <button> tag. Write a text (a test will show to users on the website) between open and close tags.


HTML button link

There are many ways to create a link in button, Here is a simple way to do it. Use <a> tag then <button> tag. In anchor tag use href attribute and value of it your target website.

HTML button onclick | Event Attribute

OnClick is event attribute, which runs a script when a button is clicked by user. It’s instructs the browser to do task on clicks a button.

Example of OnClick attribute in button element:-

Code:- onClick button function called “myFunction()” and the script will pop up an alert box.


HTML button onclick Event Attribute

HTML button size

You can change the size of button using CSS. See below example how to do it with inline CSS.

Note: You can’t be done with pure HTML/JS, you will need CSS.


HTML button size

HTML button background color & text color

You can Assigning background color and text-color to button in HTML suing CSS.

You need to keep all of your style properties in a single tag and separate them with semi-colons. Other ways are using the CSS class or ID.

See Below example code how to change the background color and test color of button in html.


HTML button background color & text color

Q: How to create a radio button?

Answer: To create a radio button in HTML you have to use input tag:

Read More: HTML Radio Button Example

Q: How to HTML button disabled?

Answer: To disable button in HTML use disabled attribute. Where a disabled attribute is a boolean attribute.

Complete code:

Do comment if you have any doubt and suggestions on this tutorial.

Note: The All  Examples code of HTML button element is tested on the Safari browser (Version 12.0.2).
OS: macOS 10.14 Catalina
Code: HTML 5 Version

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