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HTML Hello World | Basic | Code Structure | Example

HTML is a Hyper Text Markup Language, which used for web designing, web applications. HTML is first to step to learn web application development. It’s not the same as other programming languages like Python, Java etc. In this tutorial, we will see “HTML Hello World Example”.

HTML Hello World | Basic | Code Structure | Example

Making First HTML web page which print ” HTML hello world “, you need some basic of structure and some basic tags to use in HTML.

HTML hello world examples

You can just write code in text editor (notepad) or use any Web support IDE (check end of the tutorial list of free IDE). We are using a basic Text editor. For that you have to follow these steps:

  • Open Text editor
  • Write the HTML code
  • Save it with .html” file extension.
  • Open this file any browser- Chrome, Safari etc.

See below your first HTML page example code. You have to write the same code in text editor.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <h1>HTML First Program</h1>

    <p>HTML Hello World.</p>


HTML hello world code structure

Here is basic HTML 5 skeleton, not included <head> and <title> tag.

HTML hello world code structure

HTML basics Tags

Here is HTML basic Tags with Explanation of code

  1. <!DOCTYPE html> – It specifies the rules for the markup language so that the browsers render the content correctly.
  2. <html></html> – Start and End tag is tell internet browser about code.
  3. <head></head> – This data not shows in output, but useful when you want to add javascript or External CSS. If you want to give a page tile then title tag also use here for a web page.
  4. <title></title> – A web page title, it will show in browser tab.
  5. <body></body> – What content written inside body tag with other TAG will display in the web browser as an output.

List of IDE’s for Web Application Development

Here is a list of IDE you can choose for HTML, CSS and Javascript for Web application development. Simply Text Editor is not sufficient for making an application.

Do comment if you have any other IDE to use. Write comment if nay doubt and suggestions.

Note: The HTML hello world examples is tested on Safari browser (Version 12.0.2).
OS : macOS 10.14 Mojave

2 thoughts on “HTML Hello World | Basic | Code Structure | Example”

  1. As stupid simple as it is, I keep on telling myself I’d like to try coding the only problem is I have not done so since the 80s. (Commodore 64, if you wanted a game you might have to type it up from a magazine.)
    so I just typed it out, saved it, and opened it up in my web browser.
    I kept on thinking I would need more software than that but it was that easy.

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