Override CSS style in HTML | Inline or External CSS

External CSS override by inline CSS and inline CSS will override by only !important keyword. You can use it in style tag or external CSS file.

Note: Adding the !important keyword to any CSS rule lets the rule forcefully precede over all the other CSS rules for that element.

Override CSS style in HTML (All type CSS)

To only way to override inline style is by using !important keyword beside the CSS rule. Let’s see below an example code of it.


Override CSS style in HTML

Override external CSS with inline-style

Let’s see how to make one CSS class override another using style tag.

Q: How to override inline CSS without using important?

Answer: You can’t do it, inline style takes precedence, you can override it only with !important.

Q: Can I override inline ” !important “?

Answer: You cannot override inline CSS if it has !important. It has higher precedence than the style in your external CSS file. , there’s no way to override an inline !important.

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