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What is HTML | Code | Used | History and Example

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What is HTML- The HTML is a stand for HyperText Markup Language. It is not a programming language (Like JAVA, Python, C etc) but a Markup Language to use a structure a Website.

It used to create a Website and web pages. An extension of HTML file is dot html or htm.

What is HTML Code, Used, History and Example

History of HTML

An Initial release of HTML is 1993. Its code type in Text and internet media type is “text/html“. Latest release version is 5.2 on 14 December 2017

HTML 1.01991
HTML 2.01995
HTML 3.21997
HTML 4.011999
HTML 52014


How its look like, what are the basic syntax of it?

For that you have to use a open and close bracket with any one of a tag. Like below we used a p tag which used for write a paragraph.

<p> Write a some paragraphs </p> 

There is bunch of tag in html like <h1>, <a>, <div>, <form> , etc. You need to do same as above open the tag, write content then close the tag.

But not a every html has required to close. For e.g <hr> tag which stand for Horizontal Row, don’t have a closing tag. 

How does it Work?

Here is whole code with <p> tag. It works within a this parents tag, and inside by last <body> tag. You will only see the output in browser which is written in <p> tag.

Anything written in <p> tag will visual in the browser another part like <html> tag will not show.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    <h2>My First Heading</h2>

    <p> My first paragraph. </p>


HTML Page structure | Basic

As you see the above example following this a basic  HTML code structure. Explanation of What called as what in the example. 

What is HTML code and HTML Page structure

HTML Example | Live

Here is file code of HTML Example and demo link.

Feature of HTML | Important

  • HTML is a simple and easy markup language. It does not need experience in programming.
  • Its use to creates a website or web pages.
  • For web programming its used



  • You can create only static pages with HTML, for dynamic website you need to use another programming languages.
  • Its need lot of line code for only create a simple webpage.
  • A very Security feature.

What is HTML used for?

The HTML code is used for building a website. It used alone or with CSS, Javascript to make a webpage. You can assume its basic fundamental of making any web application. Website code and content comes in <html>….</html> tags.

Online HTML editor link – Free HTML Editor

Note: All example is in HTML5, if you are using the above version then maybe some method depreciated and if using lover version like HTML4, then some tags not supported.

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