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Avoid these coding mistakes | Infographic

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Avoid these coding mistakes and save this for later. I have made many mistakes while learning in the past. It is how I learned to do better. Do not feel bad if you are making these mistakes today.

I am happy to have formed coding habits to help me avoid them. You should do that too. So this is a reminder to stop making these mistakes that affect our work and productivity.

Let’s see it:-

  1. Writing Code Without Planning
  2. Planning Too Much Before Writing Code
  3. Underestimating the Importance of Code Quality
  4. Picking the First Solution
  5. Not Quitting
  6. Not Googling
  7. Not Using Encapsulation
  8. Planning for the Unknown
  9. Not Using the Right Data Structures
  10. Making Existing Code Wors than What They Started With
  11. Writing Comments About the Obvious Things
  12. Not Writing Tests
  13. Assuming That If Things are working then Things are Right
  14. Not Questioning Existing Code
  15. Obsessing About Best Practices
  16. Obsessing About Performance
  17. Not Targeting the End-user Experience
  18. Not Picking the Right Tool for the Job

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