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3 Glasses and 10 Coins Puzzle

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The 3 glasses and 10 coins puzzle is a classic logic puzzle that goes like this:

You have three glasses on a table. The first glass is filled with orange juice, the second glass is filled with apple juice, and the third glass is empty.

And you also have ten coins that are all the same size and weight. Your goal is to distribute the coins among the three glasses in such a way that each glass contains an odd number of coins.

3 Glasses and 10 Coins Puzzle

3 Glasses and 10 Coins Puzzle solution

To solve this puzzle, you need to think outside the box. Here is one possible solution:

  1. Recognize that it is not feasible to use all 10 coins while ensuring that each glass has an odd number of coins.
  2. Think creatively and consider alternative approaches to solve the problem.
  3. Place 5 coins (an odd number) in the first glass.
  4. Put 2 coins in the second glass.
  5. Put 3 coins (an odd number) in the third glass.
  6. Insert the entire third glass, including its 3 coins, inside the second glass.
  7. Observe that the second glass now contains 5 coins, which is an odd number.

By following these steps, it’s possible to achieve the goal of having an odd number of coins in one of the glasses while using all 10 coins.

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