Find Length of a Linked List data structure (Iterative and Recursive)

How to Find Length of Linked List data structure?

Linked list

A linked list is a linear data structure where each element is a separate object.Counting a node in linked list is important in programming when we are using linked list data structure. It will help you solve many problems like fining nth node from last. So do good programming practice it can your next interview question.

Linked list in java interview

Method 1.  Iterative : The Iteration is applied to the set of instructions which we want to get repeatedly executed.

Output : Total nodes in LikedList is : 3

Method 2.  Recursive : Recursion is a process, where statement in a body of function calls the function itself.

Output : Total nodes in LikedList is : 4

Find Length of a Linked List data structure is relate top question in a list of. Based on this Find Length of Linked List , you can solve many Linked List questions.

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