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Java vs JavaScript | Difference between | performance, syntax, future

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Mostly time asked this question in the Interview – what Difference between Java vs JavaScript? So as a Developer you must have to answer this question and know about it both languages and their differences. The only one-line answer is like JavaScript is a scripting language and Java is a programming language is not sufficient to impress the interviewers.

Java is created by James Gosling of Sun Microsystems. And JavaScript is created by Netscape & Team and was earlier known as LiveScript.

Java vs JavaScript Difference between performance, syntax, future

Difference between Java and JavaScript

Here is the difference between Java and JavaScript in tabular form. After it, we will look at some important factors of both programming languages.

Java is an OOP programming language JavaScript is an OOP scripting language.
Java has a strongly typed programming language. Where in Java variable must declare first to use in the program. Java variable is checked at compile-time.JavaScript is a weakly typed language. JavaScript variables can be Statically Typed, dynamically typed, and weakly typed.
Java-made applications can run in any virtual machine(JVM) or browser.JavaScript code runs on a browser only as JavaScript is developed for browsers only.
Java code needs to be compiledJavaScript codes are all in text format.
Old mobile applications are mostly written in Java. And smartphone platforms (OS) like Symbian and Android also support Java.JavaScript is also used to develop mobile applications but there are few limitations as we need to use third-party tools like phone gap, Ionic, React, etc to convert it to native code which the mobile OS/platform can execute.
Java is supported by most operating systems.JavaScript is supported by most of the web browsers that come with different operating systems.

Java vs JavaScript syntax

Most concepts are not common in Java and JavaScript. See below syntax differences between it.

Java Array – Declare integer java array.

int[] arr = new int[10]; // Initialization with size of array

int x; // without initialization

JavaScript Array Syntax – declares an array of whatever type of value you want.

var arr = [];

var x;

Note: This is only one difference based on array there are also print syntax and many more.

JavaScript print – JavaScript Print to Console 

Java Print – Java Print Hello World Program 

Java vs JavaScript performance

In both languages introduced with different purposes and scenarios, performance comparisons are not the best way to examine ability. Where java is mainly used for making an application. And JavaScript with HTML and CSS in the starting phase. But nowadays it’s used for complete end-end development for example nodejs.

Should I learn Java or JavaScript?

It depends on you. If you are fresher (new programmer) then first learn Java over JavaScript. Because for any programmer is important to know the basic fundamental of programming language. As Java is a compiled language, so it covers all basic fundamentals. Where JavaScript is an interpreted language and the abstraction level is higher than in Java.

Now if you are an experienced programmer in other languages like C, C#, or C++. OR have any knowledge about this language. Then learn JavaScript because it is scripting and primarily a functional language.

And if consider Most Popular Technologies. Then JavaScript is won but again the same thing you need to learn based on you. See below the survey report from

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Should I learn Java and JavaScript Most Popular Technologies

Java vs JavaScript Jobs

As a 2018 survey java still maintains a #1 in Job Postings. Because of old applications and large-scale legacy business applications made on it. Also, Google Android app development needs Java. Kotlin is also used for Android app development but it starts only with java.

Where Javascript took #3 in Job Postings. And continue growing in every field. Nowadays javascript has many great frameworks, which is the reason it holds a 3rth position.

Java vs JavaScript Salary

Java’s averages salary is #6 Position. There are 2 factors, 1st an old technology so easy to learn and 2nd is many developers are available. So Less demand and High supply work here.

Where #4 in Average Salary of JavaScript. Which is better than the JAVA. The reason behind the better position than java is its compatibility. This means through its framework like React js you can make an application for most devices.

See below image of Salary and Jobs comparison of both languages.

Best Paying salary job java vs javascript

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