Execute JavaScript after page load | onload, document.onload & window.onload

If you are using a <script> inside <head> than use onload attribute inside the <body> tag to Execute JavaScript after page load. It will run the function as soon as the webpage has been loaded.

It’s not the only way to call the JavaScript function after the page load complete. You can use document.onload or window.onload JavaScript.

Execute JavaScript after page load Example code

These solutions will works for JavaScript run function after page is loaded in HTML webpage:-

1. Example: onload

The onload event occurs when an object has been loaded.


Execute JavaScript after page load

2. Example window.onload JavaScript

The window object represents the browser window. The window onload property processes load events after the element has finished loading.

By default, it is fired when the entire page loads, including its content (images, CSS, scripts, etc.).

3. document.onload

It is called when the DOM is ready which can be prior to images and other external content is loaded.

Note: document.onload is not supported by any modern browser (event is never fired)

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Note: All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.
OS: Windows 10
Code: HTML 5 Version

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