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JavaScript 2D Array | Creating and Accessing example

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JavaScript only has 1-dimensional arrays, but you can build 2D Array using arrays of arrays. The two-dimensional array is a collection of items that share a common name and they are organized as a matrix in the form of rows and columns.

var items = [
  [1, 2],
  [3, 4],
  [5, 6]

To create an array, it’s better to use the square bracket notation ( [] ):

var myArray = [];

This is the way you emulate a multi-dimensional array in JavaScript. It’s one or more arrays inside an array.

var myArray = [
    [], [] // two arrays

You can access them like this:

myArray[0][0]; // the 1st element of the first array in myArray
myArray[1][1]; // the 2nd element of the second array in myArray

JavaScript 2D Array example

Simple example code creates 2 Multidimensional Array.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    let arr1 = ['A', 24];
    let arr2 = ['B', 23];
    let arr3 = ['C', 24];

    // multidimensional array
    let arr2d = [arr1, arr2, arr3];



JavaScript 2D Array

To access the elements of a multidimensional array using indices (0, 1, 2 …).

let x = [
    ['A', 1],
    ['B', 2], 
    ['C', 3]

    // access the first item 

    // access the first item of the first inner array

    // access the second item of the third inner array


access the elements of a 2 multidimensional

Use the Array’s push() method or an indexing notation to add elements to a multidimensional array.

let x = [
    [0, 1],
    [5, 2], 
    [6, 3]];



Use the Array’s pop() method to remove the element from a multidimensional array.


You can also use the for...of loop to iterate over the multidimensional array.

  let x = [
    [0, 1],
    [5, 2], 
    [6, 3]];

    for (let i of x) {
      for (let j of i) {


Do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions on this Js Array topic.

Note: The All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

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