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JavaScript append to list | Example code

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Use the Array.prototype.push method to append values to the end of a List (array) in JavaScript.

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JavaScript append to list

Simple example code append new value to the array (list).

<!DOCTYPE html>


   var arr = [





JavaScript append to list

You can use the push() function to append more than one value to an array in a single call:

// initialize array
var arr = ["Hi", "Hello", "Bonjour", "Hola"];

// append multiple values to the array
arr.push("Salut", "Hey");

// display all values
for (var i = 0; i < arr.length; i++) {

If you want to add the items of one array to another array, you can use firstArray.concat(secondArray):

var arr = [

// Do not forget to assign the result as, unlike push, concat does not change the existing array
arr = arr.concat([


if you want to prepend any value to the start of an array (i.e. first index) then you can use Array.prototype.unshift for this purpose.

var arr = [1, 2, 3];

Another way with ES6 syntax is to return a new array with the spread syntax. This leaves the original array unchanged but returns a new array with new items appended, compliant with the spirit of functional programming.

const arr = [

const newArr = [



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