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JavaScript class constants | Example code

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You can declare static constants in the JavaScript class by declaring static getters that return constants declared outside the class.

JavaScript class constants

A simple example code declares constants outside the class and adds getters that return the constants in our class.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    const const1 = 100,
    const2 = 200;

    class Test {
      static get constant1() {
        return const1;
      static get constant2() {
        return const2;



JavaScript class constants

Define a const in the class constructor (ES6)

You use static read-only properties to declare constant values that are scoped to a class.

class Foo {
    static get BAR() {
        return 42;

console.log(Foo.BAR); // print 42.
Foo.BAR = 43; // triggers an error

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Note: The All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

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