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JavaScript constructor function | Example code

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JavaScript constructor function is a special method used to create and initialize an object instance. Use the new keyword to create an object from a constructor function.

constructor() { /* ... */ }
constructor(argument0) { /* ... */ }
constructor(argument0, argument1) { /* ... */ }
constructor(argument0, argument1, ... , argumentN) { /* ... */ }

Recommended naming constructor functions with an upper-case first letter.

JavaScript constructor function

Simple example code of object constructor function.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    // constructor function
    function Person () { = 'John',
      this.age = 23

    // create an object
    const p1 = new Person(); = "Mike"
    p1.age = "100"




JavaScript constructor function

Create Multiple Objects with Constructor Function

// create objects
const p1= new Person();
const p2= new Person();

JavaScript this Keyword

The this keyword is used in a constructor function,where it refers to the object when the object is created.

// constructor function
function Person () { = 'John',

// create object
const person1 = new Person();

// access properties
console.log(;  // John

Constructor Function Parameters

You can also create a constructor function with parameters.

Adding a Property to a Constructor

Person.nationality = “English”;

To add a new property to a constructor, you must add it to the constructor function:

function Person(first, age) {
  this.firstName = "AAA";

  this.age = 25;
  this.nationality = "XYZ";

Adding a Method to a Constructor

Constructor function can also define methods:

function Person(first, age) {
    this.firstName = "AAA";
    this.age = 25;
    this.nationality = "XYZ"; = function() {
      return this.firstName;

Built-in JavaScript Constructors

 new String()    // A new String object
new Number()    // A new Number object
new Boolean()   // A new Boolean object
new Object()    // A new Object object
new Array()     // A new Array object
new RegExp()    // A new RegExp object
new Function()  // A new Function object
new Date()      // A new Date object 

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