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JavaScript declare an array of objects | Example code

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Use object literals in an array literal to declare an array of objects in JavaScript.

var sample = [{}, {}, {} /*, ... */];

Creating an array is as simple as this:

var cups = [];

You can create a populated array like this:

var cups = [

You can add more items to the array like this:


Initialize an Array of Objects in JavaScript

Use the fill() method to initialize an array of objects, e.g. new Array(2).fill({key: 'value'}). The Array() constructor creates an array of a specified length and the fill() method sets the elements in an array to the provided value and returns the result.

const arr1 = new Array(2).fill({key: 'value'});

// 👇️ [{key: 'value'}, {key: 'value'}]

JavaScript declares an array of objects

Simple example code.

<!DOCTYPE html>


    var cups = [{




JavaScript declare an array of objects

How to create an array of object literals in a loop?

Answer: You can do something like that in ES6.

new Array(10).fill().map((e,i) => {
   return {idx: i}

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