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JavaScript declares an array of objects | Example code

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Use object literals in an array literal to declare an array of objects in JavaScript. Declaring an array of objects in JavaScript allows you to store a collection of objects in a single variable. This can be useful when you want to group related objects together or when you need to perform operations on multiple objects simultaneously.

var sample = [{}, {}, {} /*, ... */];

Creating an array is as simple as this:

var cups = [];

You can create a populated array like this:

var cups = [

You can add more items to the array like this:


Initialize an Array of Objects in JavaScript

Use the fill() method to initialize an array of objects, e.g. new Array(2).fill({key: 'value'}). The Array() constructor creates an array of a specified length and the fill() method sets the elements in an array to the provided value and returns the result.

const arr1 = new Array(2).fill({key: 'value'});

// 👇️ [{key: 'value'}, {key: 'value'}]

JavaScript declares an array of objects

Simple example code.

<!DOCTYPE html>


    var cups = [{




JavaScript declare an array of objects

Another example

// Declare an array of objects
const myArray = [
  { name: 'John', age: 25 },
  { name: 'Jane', age: 30 },
  { name: 'Bob', age: 40 }

// Accessing the objects in the array
console.log(myArray[0]); // Output: { name: 'John', age: 25 }
console.log(myArray[1].name); // Output: 'Jane'
console.log(myArray[2].age); // Output: 40

In the example above, we have an array called myArray that contains three objects. Each object has properties like name and age. You can access the objects in the array using array indexing (myArray[index]), and then access the properties of each object using dot notation (

How to create an array of object literals in a loop?

Answer: You can do something like that in ES6.

new Array(10).fill().map((e,i) => {
   return {idx: i}

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