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Use the assign() or replace() methods to lets the user go to a new URL. You can replace the current URL value to go to another URL In JavaScript.

JavaScript go to URL Examples

HTML examples code:

Assigning a new value to window.location

To navigate to a new URL, use the location object from the Browser’s History API.


window.location = "url";

Complete code: will redirect us to a new URL



		function goTo(){
			window.location = ('') 

Using the window.assign() method

The assign method assigns the current URL with the assigned URL and adds it to the history stack.


Using the window.replace() method

Using the replace() method, you can navigate a user to a site and stop them from going back to the previous page.


Output: For all examples

JavaScript go to URL new URL example

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Note: The All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

OS: Windows 10

Code: HTML 5 Version

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