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JavaScript JSON parse array | Example code

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Javascript has a built-in JSON parse for strings, which you have to use loop through it for JSON parse array. using a for-in loop will set the var to be the property name of the current loop, not the actual data.

var myObject = JSON.parse("my json string");

JavaScript JSON parse array example

Simple example code.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    var msg = '{"success": true,"counters": [{"counter_name": "dsd", "counter_type": "sds", "counter_unit": "sds" }, { "counter_name": "gdg", "counter_type": "dfd", "counter_unit": "ds" }, { "counter_name": "sdsData", "counter_type": "sds", "counter_unit": " dd " }, { "counter_name": "Stoc final", "counter_type": "number ", "counter_unit": "litri " }, { "counter_name": "Consum GPL", "counter_type": "number ", "counter_unit": "litri " } ] }';

    var jsonData = JSON.parse(msg);
    for (var i = 0; i < jsonData.counters.length; i++) {
      var counter = jsonData.counters[i];



JavaScript JSON parse array


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