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JavaScript quotient

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In JavaScript, you can find the quotient and remainder of dividing two integers using the division operator (/) and the modulo operator (%), respectively.

Here’s an example implementation of a function called quotient in JavaScript that takes two numbers as arguments and returns the quotient of dividing the first argument by the second argument:

function quotient(dividend, divisor) {
  return dividend / divisor;

JavaScript quotient example

A simple example code finds the quotient and remainder by dividing an integer in JavaScript.

<!DOCTYPE html>
    let dividend = 17;
    let divisor = 5;

    let quotient = Math.floor(dividend / divisor);
    let remainder = dividend % divisor; 

    console.log("Quotient:", quotient); 
    console.log("Remainder:", remainder); 



JavaScript quotient

How do I get the quotient as int and the remainder as a floating point in JavaScript?

Answer: In JavaScript, the result of the division operator / will always be a floating-point number, regardless of the data type of the operands. However, you can convert the quotient to an integer and the remainder to a floating-point number using the Math.floor() and parseFloat() functions, respectively.

let dividend = 17; 
let divisor = 5; 

let quotient = Math.floor(dividend / divisor); 
let remainder = parseFloat((dividend % divisor).toFixed(2)); 

console.log("Quotient:", quotient);
console.log("Remainder:", remainder);

JavaScript how to check if the Quotient is an Integer?

Answer: In JavaScript, you can check if the quotient of two numbers is an integer by checking if the remainder of the division is zero. If the remainder is zero, then the quotient is an integer; otherwise, it is a decimal or floating-point number.

let dividend = 15; 
let divisor = 3;

let quotient = dividend / divisor; 
let isInteger = (quotient % 1 === 0); 

console.log("Quotient:", quotient); 
console.log("Is the quotient an integer?", isInteger); 

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