JavaScript run function after a delay | Simple example code

Use setTimeout() inbuilt function to run function after a delay in JavaScript. It’s plain JavaScript, this will call your_func once, after fixed seconds (time).

5000 = 5 sec

If function has no parameters and no explicit receiver you can call directly setTimeout(func, 5000)

JavaScript run function after a delay Example code

HTML example code: Function will call after 1 minute.


How do I delay a function call for 5 seconds?

A setTimeout is a native JavaScript function, which calls a function or executes a code snippet after a specified delay (in milliseconds).

A setTimeout accepts a reference to a function as the first argument. Alert messages will popup after 5 seconds automatically.


JavaScript delay a function call for 5 seconds

How to delay a JavaScript function call using JavaScript?

Answer: To delay a function call, use setTimeout() function. function-name − The function name for the function to be executed.

This might be useful to display a popup after a visitor has been browsing your page for a certain amount of time.

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