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JavaScript split a string into array by comma | Example code

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Use the split() method on the string and pass a comma as a parameter to split a string into an array by comma in JavaScript. This method divides the string on each comma and returns the substrings in an array.

var array = string.split(',');

MDN reference, is mostly helpful for the possibly unexpected behavior of the limit parameter. (Hint: "a,b,c".split(",", 2) comes out to ["a", "b"], not ["a", "b,c"].)

JavaScript splits a string into arrays by comma

A simple example code converts a Comma Separated String to an Array.

<!DOCTYPE html>

      var names = 'Harry,John,Clark,Peter,Rohn,Alice';
      var nameArr = names.split(',');

      // Accessing individual values
      console.log(nameArr[0]); // Harry
      console.log(nameArr[1]); // John
      console.log(nameArr[nameArr.length - 1]); // Alice

      var str = 'Hello World!';
      var chars = str.split('');

      // Accessing individual values
      console.log(chars[0]); // H
      console.log(chars[1]); // e
      console.log(chars[chars.length - 1]); // !




JavaScript split a string into array by comma

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