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JavaScript Static Class Methods

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JavaScript static class methods belongs to a class rather than an instance of that class. You don’t need an instance to call the static method so, instead, you can invoke the methods on the class itself. We can say that static in JavaScript belongs to the class and not the class instance.

static methodName() { … }
static propertyName [= value];

A JavaScript static method is a utility function; for instance, it could be a function to clone or create objects. . On the other hand, static properties are beneficial for fixed configurations, caches, or data that you do not want to be replicated across instances.

Calls the static function using className.functionName


JavaScript Static Class Methods

Simple example code define static methods using the static keyword.

<!DOCTYPE html>

    class ABC {

      // static keyword used function
      static example1() {
        return "static method 1"

    // Direct call

    // Using isntance
    var abc= new ABC();



JavaScript Static Class Methods

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Note: The All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

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