JavaScript switch case multiple conditions | Example code

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You can use multiple conditions in the switch case same as using in JavaScript if statement.

switch (true) {
  case a && b:
    // do smth
  case a && !b:
    // do other thing

You can do that but the switch statement will switch on the result of the expression you provide.

Given you have a logical and (&&) in your expression there are two possible outcomes defined on how && works.

  1. if the left hand expression evaluates to true the expression will be equal to the evaluation of the second part.
  2. if the left hand expression evaluates to false the whole expression will evaluate to false.

JavaScript switch case multiple conditions

Simple example code multiple expressions in one switch statement.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <script type="text/javascript">
    var pageid = "home-page";

    switch (true) {

      case ( (pageid === "listing-page") || (pageid === "home-page") ):
        alert("Hello Home");

        case (pageid === "details-page"):




JavaScript switch case multiple conditions

Switch statement for multiple cases in JavaScript

If you are looking for multiple cases, not conditions then use the fall-through feature of the switch statement.

witch (varName)
   case "afshin":
   case "saeed":
   case "larry": 

       alert('Default case');

Do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions on this JS switch case topic.

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