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JSON stringify array of objects | Example code

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Simply use JSON stringify() method to JSON stringify the array of objects in JavaScript.

JSON stringify array of objects

Simple example code stringify given objects in the array.

<!DOCTYPE html>

   var cheese_array = [
    name: "Chedder",
    age: "34",
    smelly: true
    name: "Brie",
    age: "4",
    smelly: false
    name: "Blue Stilton",
    age: "13",
    smelly: true

  var res = JSON.stringify(cheese_array);





JSON stringify array of objects

JSON stringify array of objects with property

For example stringify an array of objects with extra properties.

const data = [{foo: "1", bar: "2"}, {foo: "2", bar:"3"}];
data.extra = ["a", "b"];
JSON.stringify( {} );

// "{"0":{"foo":"1","bar":"2"},"1":{"foo":"2","bar":"3"},"extra":["a","b"]}"

Stringifying an object with nested arrays of objects in Javascript

Just assign the object you need stringifying to a variable and pass that to JSON.stringify():

   var myNewObject = {key1:true, key2:17, key3: [
    {k1: 10, k2:true, k3: "test" },
    {k1: 11, k2:true, k3: "testing" },
    {k1: false, k2:42, k3: "foo" },

    var stringifiedObject = JSON.stringify(myNewObject);

Do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions on this JS JSON topic.

Note: The All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

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