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What is JavaScript Language | Use in HTML | Example

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What is JavaScript language – A JavaScript is a scripting programming language. It was used mainly in used with HTML and CSS in the starting phase. But nowadays it’s used for complete end-end development. Even in the server-side integration.

JavaScript First appeared on December 4, 1995.

What is JavaScript Language Use in HTML Example

JavaScript also knows as JS (short form). It makes your website dynamic and more alive to use. It can write on an HTML page and execute by action or automatic. In HTML page its used with <script> tag.

Most favored to java make popular and useable to the developer is not needed any specific needs and compilation to run it.

When it was created, the first name was “LiveScript”. After that, its name was called “younger brother” because of Java’s popularity. But after some time it became a fully scripted programming language with its own specification called ECMAScript.

Fact: A website is nothing more than a polished (CSS) skeleton(HTML) without JavaScript.

What is javascript used for?

We all have many questions like – what is javascript used for in websites? and What does javascript do? There are many uses and Javascript can do. See the below list.

  • Manage and adding behaviors in web pages
  • App development
  • Web server
  • Game Development

1. Manage and adding behaviors in web pages

  • Validation – Providing validations at client side
  • Image slide view
  • Dynamic page
  • Hide and Show areas
  • Notifications
  • Dynamic changes on a web page – change the styles (color, font, font family, margin, padding etc.).
  • Add Events – (onClick, onChange, onSubmit).

2. App development

Now days  popularity of JavaScript is growing in different areas like:- 

  • Mobile app – Ionic, React native framework
  • Desktop app – Electron.js, NW.js, etc

3. Web Server

The server side is proceeding with incoming network requests over HTTP and several other related protocols and responds accordingly. Let’s see some of the technology server-side JavaScript implementations. In the list, we added some database, which is also needed when you creating a web server.

For more follow this link –

4. Game Development

You can do game development with JavaScript. Here are some Best open source JavaScript game engines list:-

This is some Free open source for game development. You can follow this tutorial to get details of it-

Q: What is javascript in HTML?

Answer: A JavaScript in HTML very useful when you want validation of password and email. It makes HTML website dynamic and more attractive. Like an image sidebar, showing a popup, animated graphics, auto-complete text suggestions, and hide-show tags.

Q: What is javascript used for in web development.

Answer: All latest website has depends on JavaScript. There are many frameworks and library for helping web development. With JavaScript framework, you can build any type of website easily. These sites are more secure and scalable. Here are some javascript frameworks and library:-

JavaScript Examples

Let’s see one example of JavaScript used in HTML. An alert box will pop up when web pages loaded. see below code of it. A JavaScript code will be inside <script> tag. It will auto load when the webpage executed.

<!DOCTYPE html>
            alert("Hello, World!");
        <h2>JavaScript alert box example</h2>

Output: See below image output of javascript alert box example.

examples of javascript output

Note: Follow this link for some basic example of it- JavaScript Hello World Print examples

Q: What is javascript used for in web design?

Answer: A JavaScript use for control behavior of different elements. Like control (show/hide) the collapsible content. Smooth flow navigation, Image Slide view, validation of email and password formate etc.

Note: Don’t confuse with Java and JavaScript. Both are completely different.

Do comment if you have any doubt or suggestion, we will update your suggestion.

Note:The JavaScript Hello World Examples are tested on Safari browser (Version 12.0.2).
OS: macOS 10.14 Mojave
Version: HECMAScript 2018

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