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Difference Between Var and Val in Kotlin

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Var and Val both both are used for store a value of data. They are different in a mechanism , where Var can change the value but Val is constant. Let’s check compare in detail and examples.

What is the difference between var and val in Kotlin

Var – Variable

– The object stored in the variable could change (vary) in time. Means you can change or assign new value in variable latter.

var reasignableString = "hello"
reasignableString = "Hello eyehunt" // OK


Val – Value

– The object stored in val, could not vary in time. Once assigned the val becomes read only, like a constant in Java Programming language (Final variables etc). The properties of the object (as Val) could be changed, but the object itself is read-only.

val constant = "hello"
constant = "Var vs Val" // Not allowed for `val`

val in kotlin is like final keyword in java


Other ways to says same :

Variables defined with varare mutable (Read and Write)

Variables defined with valare immutable (Read only)


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