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Tomato Soup Puzzle

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Suppose you have a glass of tomato soup, and you need to divide it equally between two children. However, you have only one additional glass that is empty and of different sizes and shapes. How can you divide the soup into two glasses so that both children are happy with their portion?

Tomato Soup Puzzle

Tomato Soup Puzzle solution

One possible solution to this problem is:

Have one of the children divide the soup into two equal parts, and then let the other child choose which glass they would like to have. This way, both children will be content with the fairness of the distribution.

That’s a clever solution! By letting one child divide the soup and the other child choose their glass, you ensure that both children feel they have an equal say in the distribution of the soup. This can help to prevent any potential disagreements or feelings of unfairness between the children, making it a good solution for ensuring that both children are satisfied with their portion.

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