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Python filter object

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To filter objects in Python you can select attributes of a class using the dot notation. Suppose arr is an array of ProjectFile objects. Now you filter for SomeCocoapod using.

filter(lambda p: p.repo == "SomeCocoapod", arr)

NB: This returns a filter object, which is a generator. To have a filtered list back you can wrap it in a list constructor.

As a very Pythonic alternative, you can use list comprehensions:

filtered_arr = [p for p in arr if p.repo == "SomeCocoapod"]


Python filter object example

Simple example code.

class Employee():
def __init__(self, id): = id

list_of_objects = []

for i in range(5):

# print(list_of_objects)

for obj in list_of_objects:

res1 = filter(lambda emp: == 1, list_of_objects)

res2 = [p for p in list_of_objects if == 1]


Python filter object example

Do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions on this Pytohn filter topic.

Note: IDE: PyCharm 2021.3.3 (Community Edition)

Windows 10

Python 3.10.1

All Python Examples are in Python 3, so Maybe its different from python 2 or upgraded versions.

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