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Python Programming Language | Introduction

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Python Programming Language is trending and popular because it’s easy and matched daily based sentences/phrases. Coding is very easy because the inbuilt function full fill mostly requirements, so third-party libraries use very not required so often.

Python Programming Language Introduction

Python Programming Language Details

Why Use Python Language (Python Advantages)?

Here some point of python which makes it popular. You can also say it Python Advantage.

  • Python is Object-Oriented Language : (Supports oops concepts Polymorphism, Overloading, and Multiple Inheritance)
  • Python is Free (Open source), which means anyone can download and install.
  • Portable: Python programs will run in exactly the same manner, irrespective of the platform – Mac OS, Windows, and Linux.
  • Automatic memory management
  • Dynamic typing,
  • Library utilities, Built-in types,  tools, and third-party utilities (like Numeric, NumPy, SciPy)
  • Easy to Use: Structure and syntax
  • Easy Learning curve
  • Can use with other languages like Python/C integration is quite common

Python is versatile, powerful and a community of supporters makes it great as a first language. Start here if you want to become a programmer or do more with data.

Start Python Tutorial – Learn Python

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