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SQL Optimization | Infographic

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Here are some SQL optimization Tips.

  • SQL optimization
  1. Use ‘regexp_like‘ to replace ‘LIKE‘ clauses
  2. Use ‘regexp_extract‘ to replace ‘Case-when Like’
  3. Convert a long list of In clauses into a temporary table.
  4. Always order your JOINs from the largest tables to the smallest tables.
  5. Use simple equi-joins.
  6. Always “GROUP BY” the attributes/column with the largest number of unique entities/values.
  7. Avoid subqueries in the WHERE clause.
  8. Use Max instead of Rank.
  9. Other Tips
    • Use approx_distinct() instead of count(distinct) for very large datasets.
    • Use approx_percentile(metric, 0.5) for median
    • Avoid UNIONs where possible
    • Use With statements vs nested subqueries

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