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JavaScript class type

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A JavaScript class is a type of function. Classes are declared with the class keyword.

function expression syntax

// Initializing a function with a function expression
const x = function() {}

class expression syntax

// Initializing a class with a class expression
const y = class {}

JavaScript class type

Classes Are Functions

We can access [[Prototype]] of an object using the Object.getPrototypeOf() method. Let’s use that to test the empty function we created.


We can also use that method in the class we just created.


The code declared with function and class both return a function [[Prototype]]

ƒ () { [native code] }

The code declared with function and class both return a function [[Prototype]]. With prototypes, any function can become a constructor instance using the new keyword.

const x = function() {}

// Initialize a constructor from a function
const constructorFromFunction = new x();



x {}
constructor: ƒ ()

This applies to classes as well.

const y = class {}

// Initialize a constructor from a class
const constructorFromClass = new y();



y {}
constructor: class

Defining a Class


// Initializing a constructor function
function Hero(name, level) { = name;
	this.level = level;


// Initializing a class definition
class Hero {
	constructor(name, level) { = name;
		this.level = level;


How to get a JavaScript object’s class?

Answer: Depending on what you need getClass() for, there are several options in JavaScript:

A few examples:

function Foo() {}
var foo = new Foo();

typeof Foo;             // == "function"
typeof foo;             // == "object"

foo instanceof Foo;     // == true;   // == "Foo"                // == "Foo"    

Foo.prototype.isPrototypeOf(foo);   // == true = function (x) {return x+x;};;            // == 42

Note: if you are compiling your code with Uglify it will change non-global class names. To prevent this, Uglify has a --mangle param that you can set to false using gulp or grunt.


Do comment if you have any doubts or suggestions on this Js class topic.

Note: The All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.

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