JavaScript function with default parameter | Set Default Parameters example

Assign a default value to the parameter is called a function with the default parameter in JavaScript. A default value is required if no value or undefined is a passed-in function.

JavaScript function with default parameter Example

Let see HTML example code of How to set default parameters in JS function.

Default value for b is 1, will use this value if no value passed for it.


JavaScript function with default parameter

Another way to set default values

In JavaScript, you can call a function (even if it has parameters) without argument.


JavaScript Set Default Parameters example

Q: What will happen if no value passed for the parameter and no default value set?

Answer: If a function in JavaScript is called with any missing arguments the missing values are set to undefined.


Not default parameter values in the function declaration

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Note: All JS Examples codes are tested on the Firefox browser and the Chrome browser.
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Code: HTML 5 Version

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